Media reports have suggested that the Nigerian police has located the hideout of kidnappers where six students of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla Epe were held captive to a creek in Ogun State.

Meanwhile, the specific location was not mentioned but it was speculated that it borders Epe and Ibeju Lekki.

As it stands, the security forces could not contemplate the use of force considering the danger it will pose to the captives, who have already spent not less than 11 days in custody.

Recall that the armed men attacked the school around 6am on Thursday, May 25 prior to a notification they issued the school three days before.

During the raid, the kidnappers forced their way into the hostel of the Senior Secondary School students and took 10 of them out through the waterways to an undisclosed location.

Four students got off the hook of the kidnappers after their parents’ identity have been established for an exchange while six others named Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Peter Jonah, Judah Agbausi, Farouq Yusuf, and Pelumi Philips were driven away in a speedboat.

It was also gathered that the kidnappers reached few of the captives’ parents on Saturday May 27 asking two of them to pay a sum of N400million while the two others were demanded to remit N100million each.

Later on, the kidnappers asked the parents to pay a total sum of N600m and this was further reduced to N100million.

However, the government in Lagos State refused to bargain with the kidnappers for the students’ release, assuring that the captives would be released by the security forces.

The promise of the government did not go down well with the parents who have rather intended raising money from relatives and friends.

As security agencies continue to guarantee of the safe return of the students, they also believe it would be a herculean task since the area is hard to ply.

“The kidnappers are in a creek in Ogun State. If operatives are to enter that place, the lives of the children will be endangered. If it were to be that they were kept in a house, the building would have been cordoned off and busted.

“This is a creek that you have to use a speedboat to access. Before you reach there, they (kidnappers) will see you from afar. So, they have many options. They can kill the children and run away and you may never find them. These are people who are brought up in watersides. So, they know how to navigate creeks more than anyone else. That is what is delaying the rescue,” a security source said. 

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