When SASSA status is pending then here is the meaning or the reasons and how to check

  • Application submitted successfully
  • It goes through a series of systems and processes
  • ID number and Surname and Full name checked for accurate matching
  • Surname and other names correctly spelt
  • Other government agencies such as SARS, UIF, NSFAS, etc are also checked to make sure that applicants not receiving any financial aid or other benefits from government.
  • Bank account is also checked vy requesting bank statements
  • Bank account also verified yi make sure that the applicant is the real owner of the bank account.
  • Throughout all these procedures and processes, the application will be pending.
  • Pending means that the application us still under review or consideration.
  • After these processes, if SASSA is satisfied with the outcome and realized the applicant meets the requirements, he or she is approved and payment made either through Merchant or Bank Account if verified.
  • Pending does not mean decline, it is just that you have a chance to be approved or be declined.
  • Pending can be frustrating when it keeps longer that expected, ideally pending should not be much.
  • Pending can be for appeals or reconsideration or normal SRD R350 application.
  • April and May 2022 are still pending and no payments yet.
  • Even June 2022, some applicants are still pending.
  • According to SASSA, pending applicants should not be worried as they are processing millions of applications.
  • Some who were pending are now approved and payment made.
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SASSA status pending or approved

In the next articles, we will look at how sassa is gonna consider those applicants and if approved payments followed.

To check whether pending status has changed or not, just head over to the official SRD R350 application website https://srd.sassa.gov.za/sc19/status

SASSA Status Pending

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