Renowned entrepreneur and luxury fashion consultant Sai Sankoh is launching her all-new clothing line — Sai Sankoh — on Monday, November 12, 2018. Sai is introducing an all-new line of kaftans made and produced in India.

Sai is a native of Sierra Leone in West Africa and is deeply inspired by the glamour of the Old Hollywood Era.

“I love accentuating the curves in a woman and adding glamour to something as simple as a basic black dress,” said Sai. “After two years of travelling to exotic destinations and sourcing the finest silks and furs, I decided it was time to launch my own line.”

Sai said she has always been fascinated by vintage and unique pieces. She takes that inspiration and reconstructs those pieces in her own unique and modern way to make them more wearable, more appealing and more elegant.

She focuses on the details of fashion design to blend vintage fashion with contemporary trends. The Sai Sankoh brand draws inspiration from Sai’s own continent — Africa — and then is grounded by some of her favourite fashion pieces rediscovered inside her own closet.

Sai wanted to design couture-inspired styles with good quality fabrics, a precise attention to details, tailored for the everyday woman and delivered at an affordable price.

“After six years of writing about celebrity style, styling clients, and reviewing red carpet fashion, I wanted to create my own world,” Sai said.

Sai aims to make women worldwide feel more empowered, attractive and confident through fashion. She wants every woman to be proud of herself and welcomes women from around the world to join her growing family of Sai Sankoh.

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