Scheduled visit by the United Nations to Myanmar’s Rakhine State, which has experienced in recent time mass exodus of Rokhine Moslems, has been cancelled by the authorities.

It would have been the first visit by UN agents to the area where violence occurred on August 25 if it was not cancelled.

In the wake of the onslaught against Rohingya militants, who were accused of attacks against security agents by the military, UN aid personnel had no option than to leave the country.

But according to UN spokesperson in Yangon, who spoke to the BBC no reason was given for the move.

UN’s visit to the country was to observe for itself the mass departure of over 400,000 Rohingya Moslems to Bangladesh in just a month.

Rohingya who found their way across the border blamed Myanmar’s military supported by Buddhist crowd who drive them out with threats of beatings, killings and burning of their villages.

Published images and news by reporters confirmed that a number of villages have been set ablaze.


In the military’s account, the militants are the sole target. Few days this week about 45 bodies of Hindus killed by Rohingya militants were found in a mass grave site.

No one could say particularly the situation in Rakhine since accessibility is strictly controlled. Humanitarian reports by groups confirmed that with the escapees fleeing to Bangladesh, an unconfirmed number of others were scattered within Rakhine and hundreds of thousands are without food, shelter and medical care.

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