The Richest Man In Egypt is Nassef Sawiris with a net worth of $7.6 Billion.

Richest Man In Egypt

  • Nassef Sawiris ($8.2 billion).
  • Mohamed Mansour ($2.5 billion).
  • Youssef Mansour(1.5 billion).
  • Naguib Sawiris($2.9 Billion).
  • Yasseen Mansour($2.4 Billion).
  • Mohamed Al-Fayed($2.1 Billion).
  • Onsi Sawiris($2 Billion).

1. Nassef Sawiris:

Born: 19 January 1961 (age 60 years), Cairo, Egypt
Net worth: 8.2 billion USD (2022)Forbes
Children: 4
Spouse: Sherine Magar
Parents: Onsi Sawiris
Education: The University of Chicago (1982)
Siblings: Samih Sawiris, Naguib Sawiris

Nassef Sawiris is the richest man in Egypt and a large chunk of that wealth comes to the fact that he is amongst the owners of Orascom Construction Industries which is said to be one of the most valuable trading companies in all of Egypt. The has also earned him the title of the richest arab and the second richest man in Africa after Aliko Dangote.

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2. Naguib Sawiris:

Born15 June 1954 (age 67 years), Cairo, Egypt
Net worth3.1 billion USD (2022) Forbes
SpouseGhada Gamil Sawiris
PartyFree Egyptians Party
SiblingsSamih Sawiris, Nassef Sawiris
ParentsOnsi Sawiris, Yousriya Loza Sawiris
EducationDeutsche Evangelische Oberschule Kairo, ETH Zürich

3. Mohamed Mansour:

Born: 1948 (age 74 years), Roman Egypt, Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Net worth: 2.5 billion USD (2022)Forbes
Children: 2
Parents: Loutfy Mansour
Siblings: Yasseen Mansour, Youssef Mansour, Rawya Mansour
Education: Auburn University (1971), North Carolina State University (1968)
Mohamed Mansour is the second richest man in Egypt, with is company Mansor Groups which is the second-largest conglomerate company in Egypt. He is also the operator of the largest Supermarket chain in Egypt Metro Markets and the chairman to Mantrac.

4. Youssef Mansour:

Born1940 (age 82 years)
Net worth1.5 billion USD (2022) Forbes
SiblingsMohamed Mansour
EducationAuburn University, North Carolina State University
Youssef Mansour is the third richest man in Egypt, his source of wealth comes from the fact that he is a part-owner in the Mansour Conglomerate.

5. Yasseen Mansour

Born1 January 1961 (age 61 years), Egypt
Net worth1.1 billion USD (2022) Forbes
EducationGeorge Washington University
SiblingsMohamed Mansour
Yasseen Mansour is the 5th richest man in Egypt, his large net worth comes from being the chairman of Palm Hills Developments, and also the owner of Manfoods the operator of the macDonald’s franchise in Egypt.

6. Mohamed Al Fayed

Born27 January 1929 (age 92 years), El-Gomorok, Alexandria
Net worth1.8 billion USD (2022) Forbes
ParentsAli Ali Al-Fayed
ChildrenDodi Fayed, Camilla al-Fayed, Omar Fayed, Jasmine Al-Fayed, Karim Al-Fayed
SpouseHeini Wathén (m. 1985), Samira Khashoggi (m. 1954–1956)
SiblingsAli Al-Fayed, Safia Al-Fayed, Soaad Al-Fayed, Salah Al-Fayed
Mohamed Al-Fayed is the sixth richest person in Egypt, The business magnate is one of Egypt’s most respected and influential individuals He owns the Hôtel Ritz Paris and fashion and also owns one of the biggest department stores Harrods Department Store which he sold to Qatar Holdings.

7. Onsi Sawiris:

Born14 August 1930, Cairo, Egypt
Died29 June 2021
EducationCairo University
ChildrenNaguib Sawiris, Samih Sawiris, Nassef Sawiris
Organizations foundedOrascom Group, Orascom Construction, Global Telecom Holding
Onsi Sawiris was the 7th richest person in Egypt before his death in June 2021. He was the head of the Sawiris family and founder of the Orascom Group conglomerate.