In the past, wealth was mostly the domain of the old. The new generation of South Africa’s youngest millionaires is proof that the tide has turned in the country’s economic fortunes. Everyone, regardless of age, has access to the wealth of the world. It is true that not everyone can become wealthy, but every now and again, a unique breed of young people appears. As a result of their strong intellects and unique abilities, they are able to convert even the most mundane concepts into lucrative businesses. Those young South African millionaires whose birth, ideas, and abilities have created something unique in the present era are the focus of this article. It is our goal to find out what they are doing and what we can learn from it.

Top 10 Richest Kids in South Africa [Youngest Millionaires]

1. Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi Thembekwayo is a leader now and a leader in the future. He is one of South Africa’s top motivational speakers right now. He has spoken to more than 250,000 people each year at motivational events on four continents. By the time he was 17, Vusi Thembekwayo had established himself as a well-known public speaker. A multi-national with annual revenue of over R17bn had appointed Thembekwayo to its board of directors by the time he was 25 years old. One reason he has such a large following is that his speeches are laced with comedy. Because he is now a household name, he has no shortage of opportunities ahead of him.

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2. Adii Pienaar.

South Africa’s newest billionaire, Adii Pienaar, joins the ranks of South Africa’s wealthiest and most lively young millionaires. Woothemes, the firm he founded, creates and develops bespoke commercial WordPress themes and plugins. In addition to its WordPress themes, Woothemes also offers themes for Tumblr and other content management systems, bringing the company’s yearly revenue to more than $3 million. Adii Pienaar, too, has decided to leave the company. PublicBeta is the name of the platform he has built to facilitate the exchange of knowledge. Using PublicBeta, seasoned entrepreneurs may share their expertise with those just starting out.

3. Duduzane Zuma (also known as Duduzane Zuma)

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma, is the current president of South Africa. He’s already established himself as a reputable investor. His Mabengela Investments company maintains a 12.5 percent share in the Ayigobi Consortium, as well as other businesses.. Even though Duduzane Zuma is shy and reticent, he is regarded as a role model for what a young person may accomplish.

4. Mike Eilertsen

After beginning his career as a waiter, Mike Eilertsen, one of South Africa’s richest young people, has gone from obscurity to being one of the country’s most celebrated success stories. An entrepreneur with Mzansi roots, he is proud of his heritage. LIVE OUT LOUD Media Group Company was founded by Mike. In November of 2007, the media firm was formed. As Forbes does, Mike creates media highlights of South Africa’s most prominent business leaders. He was able to achieve this because he already possessed a database of more than 100,000 names and phone numbers of the country’s most prominent sports stars.

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5. Sandile Shezi

When he started selling muffins at school, Sandile Shezi found his passion for generating money. There was a lot of jeering, he claims. Shezi, on the other hand, rose to fame after investing his tuition money in FX trading. That was a risky decision, but it paid off in the long run, bringing him money, fame, and a career that he wouldn’t have had otherwise. As one of South Africa’s youngest billionaires, Sandile Shezi established a school to teach forex trading. People of all ages may learn from him, and he also gives several speeches on the subject. Sandile Shezi’s visage has become synonymous with the bravery to take chances and succeed, and every forex broker wants to be linked with him.

6. Rupert Bryan

Rupert Bryan is an IT professional and South Africa’s sixth richest kid. At the tender age of 14, he was already running his own web development company and on the fast track to fame and fortune. When a buddy invited him to join him on a joint business, he was just 16 years old at the time. Bryan now serves as ISP Web Africa’s chief operations officer. Rupert Bryan and a buddy started ISP Web Africa from nothing and expanded it to an R130 million a year company from nothing.

7. Doug Hoernle

When it comes to his professional life, Doug Hoernle is a guy of many talents. Doug was a student at Cape Town University when he was 19 years old. He studied the people around him and realized how hard it was for new students to keep up with the rigors of University life. In the wake of this, he decided to open a tutoring service for high school pupils. Doug Hoernle then began selling low-cost wines with custom labels for each individual customer. It was common for people to drink these wines at gatherings, such as birthdays. Rethink Education and Bambisa, a well-liked school communication app, were founded by Doug Hoernle, who is now well-known in the educational goods industry.

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8. Mmabasotho Murendwa


This is the first time that we’ve included a female on our list of South Africa’s richest youngsters. A multi-millionaire businesswoman, she has interests in printing, logistics, and other businesses. When it comes to being modest, Murendwa is a household name.


9. Max Hussman


Because of the Elegance Group’s success, Max Hussman has joined the ranks of South Africa’s youngest millionaires. In order to assist individuals to live more luxurious lives, Elegance Group owns Elegance Air, an aviation firm.


Elegance Group also has a stake in Elegance Sports and Elegance Aviation, so it’s a well-rounded investment.


Max Hussman was born in Ghana’s Accra and raised in Germany, but he now calls South Africa his home and base of operations.


10. Marishane, Ludwick


One of South Africa’s most celebrated innovators and business leaders, Ludwick Marishane, is from the country’s Western Cape province. It was his idea to produce DryBath gel and he is its inventor. In the same way that a bath cleans, DryBath gel does the same for the body. When a bath isn’t an option, many individuals turn to this alternative.



Headboy Industries was founded by Ludwick Marishane. He is donating a portion of his fortune to a variety of organizations and community engagement initiatives.