Chocolate is known as the world’s favourite dessert flavour. One of the tastiest ways of enjoying chocolate that isn’t cake is with chocolate mousse. Our Simple chocolate mousse recipe only uses three easy-to-find ingredients and is as light and rich as you think it would be. This recipe is great for dinner parties or weekend desserts after a big braai feast.

Simple chocolate mousse tips

The chocolate will be melted with a bain marie or double boiler. This is just using indirect heat to melt the chocolate so that it doesn’t burn and is easily regulated. When whipping the egg whites, use clean utensils as any drop of egg yolk will deflate the beautiful egg white peaks. When mixing the chocolate with the egg yolks, add a very small bit at a time until the eggs and choclate is the same temperature, This will ensure that the eggs don’t scramble.

Serve a tasty chocolate dessert to your family this summer. Our simple chocolate mousse is light, rich and great after any meal.

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