Brickins Ogbemi, Head of Mass Communication Department, Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic, Delta State, and a senior member of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS), weekend emphasised the urgent need to restructure the country, just as he condemned those campaigning against the idea.

Ogbemi made the declaration while delivering a lecture on the theme ‘Pros and Cons of Restructuring: The Nigerian state’ at the popular education series by NAS Benbow Deck held at the anchor point in Benin City, Edo State.

Said he: “As a strong advocate of restructuring, this speaker does not think there is any disadvantage as it relates to the entity called Nigeria. However, when applied to organisations, there are various disadvantages which include loss of highly-skilled manpower, additional expenses as regards reassigning of duties which will involve retraining, insecurity and so on.

“These do not apply to nations, particularly Nigeria, which is the subject of discourse. If there is any disadvantage, it will be that the parasites who had been having a field day reaping where they did not sow will lose out and this is the reason they are resisting the restructuring of the country.”

Quoting Niyi Akinnaso, he said “at no time in the history of Nigeria has the call for restructuring the parameters of the coexistence of the various nationalities within the country been more strident.

“The call now involves politicians of various persuasions, former heads of state and other elder statesmen, traditional and religious leaders, civil society organisations, militants and various youth organisations.

“It has transcended from word of mouth and media write-ups and analyses to organised protests and separatist agitations.”

The erudite scholar explained that restructuring of the country would correct and reduce the present misgivings and perceptions in form and style of leadership and governance, while calling on‎ President Muhammadu Buhari to justify his campaign promises and make history for himself.

“More than three years after promising and the people faithfully voted him, this promise has not been kept and there are no signs or processes put in place to meet and actualise this promise. On the contrary, what we see is that agitators for the same restructuring, which was promised, are now labelled as saboteurs and terrorists,” he said.

Source: Independent

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