Although there is currently no official means to restore messages that have been permanently removed from Telegram, there is a workaround.

Telegram now has a “undo” option, which lets you go back in time and undo whatever you’ve done to the history of deleted messages. That is, it is possible to regain your health. In order to prevent accidental deletion of conversations or clearing your history, the messenger now sends you a confirmation request and gives you the opportunity to recover all of your previous conversations.

This only works if you accidentally erased a whole message or chat session. The action may be undone and the history can be retrieved within 5 seconds thanks to Telegram’s Undo and Restore feature. When the timer expires, the conversation is irretrievably gone, and there is no way to recover it.

Telegram, in contrast to WhatsApp, does not provide a backup on Android. If you are using the desktop version, you may export your data and create a manual and recurring backup. If this is the case, double-check that nothing has been overlooked. Telegram messages are archived in the cloud for future reference. When you delete a message from the app, it also deletes the conversations associated with that message from the cloud.

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If there isn’t an official means to recover communications that have been permanently erased, there is always a workaround. See how to retrieve deleted messages from Telegram in this tutorial. It is likely that finding the media is more difficult than finding the texts.

How to recover deleted Telegram messages

1. Telegram folders

It is possible that nothing has been lost; if you use a File Manager tool, searching will be easier. Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images, and Telegram Video folders may all be found by searching for them. When you get media from someone, depending on how your app is configured, it is stored to either the memory card or the internal memory of your device. Although they will not be destroyed immediately if the discussion is deleted, they will be deleted later.

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2. Android cache folder

Another option is to locate the Android cache folder, which contains all of the deleted messages, images, gifs, videos, audios, and other conversational items that were previously saved. To do so, navigate to the “Android” folder on your computer. There, check for the word “data” (or “date”), and you will see data for a variety of different applications. Take note of the “org.telegram” folder and its subfolder “cache.” When you access the folder, you should see files that have been recently erased from discussions.

3. Deleted / Corrupted File Retriever

If you have recently cleaned your phone, it is possible that certain folders have been zeroed. A data recovery program for Android or for Windows / macOS might be of assistance in this situation. In most cases, they provide a free version that is limited to a modest amount of files. You can experiment and, if you discover something useful, you can purchase the license and recover as much as possible.