In this article, we have written on the RAF claim status check and all you need to know. The Road Accident Fund regulates a procedure through which a claimant receives a fraction of the total cost obtained in an accident. Depending on the level of the accident,  injury or death compensation could be given to a victim of motor vehicle accidents as long as the claimant is not the cause of the accident.

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Are you affected by a road accident and do you need information on how to claim your Road Accident Fund? Or have you filed your claim and do you need information on how to check the Road Accident Fund claim? This article will guide you not only with the processes involved but also explains the right ways to appeal for your money as well as how the RAF payment process goes.

RAF Claim Status Check: How to Claim from the Road Accident Fund

 A detailed protocol has to be followed when claiming the RAF. You are meant to submit forms containing your biographical details, details of the accident, vehicles, and all involved connected to the accident. You will also be submitting the exact amount that you’re claiming as damages. A doctor’s report, an affidavit with police reports, witness statements, and other evidence is also expected to be submitted in support of your claim.

Once a full claim has been submitted, with all of the required information, the RAF would investigate the legitimacy of your claim.

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RAF Claim Status Check: How Do You Check for Your Road Accident Fund Claim?

For your RAF claim status check, you will have to visit the Road Accident Fund website or call their customer care line. Also, you will need your accident report number (ARP) and claim ID. You can also call the RAF customer car line to get your ARP.

 Fill in your details on the form provided on their website. Then you’ll be eligible to view or download your claim file. This file includes all information about your claim. If your claim has just been made, your details might not be available yet and in some cases, it can take up to six months to process your paperwork before making the documents available online. 

How to Check Your Road Accident Fund Claim Online

  • Visit the RAF homepage to see your claim status check
  • Input your ARP number on the Search for an Accident Claim page
  • Click on View the Claim Details link next to your search result
  • You will then be able to access all available information about your claim.
  • Print or download the file as you need.
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What Can You Claim from The Road Accident Fund (RAF)?

Different available systems are being implemented by RAF   depending on what you need the fund for. If any form of this accident occurs:

  • Injured themselves
  • A family member got injured

Damages claim for lost earnings due to injuries sustained from an accident.

The RAF has various types of benefits available for you, including:

  • Death and Disability Cover
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover
  • Legal Costs Cover / Legal Representation 
  • Loss of Earnings Cover

These programs help in covering all expenses incurred through an accident.