The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin will die if he doesn’t stop the war in Ukraine.

The clergyman, in a statement released by his Media Office, stated that Putin could die in three different ways.

In the statement on Friday, Ayodele said: “Putin stop the war in Ukraine and if you don’t stop the war, three things will happen to you.

“It is either you are assassinated, bomb his plane if he travels or sleep and not wake up.

“That’s the message of the Lord.

“If you like listen or don’t listen.

“If the whole world leaders gather to beg him, he would never listen until he dies disgracefully.

“Mark my word that Putin will die a disgraceful death.

““How it is going to be will shock the world.

“Putin can send a missile from anywhere in the world, I don’t care about that, but I have delivered this word and it will not change.”

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The Primate stated that the United States of America will separate and her economy will be affected by President Joe Biden’s incompetence.

Ayodele said: “California, USA will come out of America.

He said: “America’s President, Joe Biden, will not function effectively, which will affect the nation’s economy.

“It will also get to a point where the United States President will not be seen most times in public.

“He needs to pray and manage his health so that he can put the country in order.

“America as a united nation state will not be united in the nearest future.

“I don’t know when it will happen, I don’t care if you criticise me.

“It is a normal thing.

“When a prophet speaks, somebody must come against that word.”

Primate Ayodele noted that the Catholic Church will break into two congregations as a result of changed policies by the Pope.

He said: “Pope Francis will change some policies in the Catholic Church, which will divide the congregation into two.

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“The Pope in the nearest future will either resign or dies from sickness.

“Cameroon will divide and the United Kingdom will not be united again because I can see another country coming out of the country.

“Nigeria’s own is coming.

“When I don’t know.

“All of this will come to pass, but you just watch and see.”

Lastly, Ayodele spoke about the new King of the United Kingdom, King Charles 111.

He said that in 10 years, he will not be seen in public, but will make changes that will shake the kingdom.

He said: “The king will not last.

“Ten years from now, we won’t see the King again, but he will make so many changes that will go against the kingdom.

“That is the message from the lord.

“Take it or leave it.

“I wish you all the best.

“God bless the world.”

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