Residents of Tungan Kano and Kukudagba, and three other villages near the International Airport, Abuja, on Wednesday, staged a protest bordering on an alleged neglect of their areas in the provisions of social amenities.

The protesters took over the Bill Clinton drive, Airport road, Abuja, accusing the Federal Government of not providing them with good roads, water, schools and other amenities.

According to FCT Reporters, The five (5) host communities of Abuja International Airport were led by Comrade Serah Tukurah Co-ordinator Gbagyi Enlightenment Initiative (GEI) namely: Tungan Kwaso, Kuku Daga, Tsofon Jiwa, Bassa village, and Tungan Kano.

To curb the protesters, the Nigeria Police Force deployed officers who accosted the villagers from hindering the movement of vehicles on the road leading to the International Airport.

Over the years, the Federal Capital Territory has witnessed the unequal distribution of developmental project, with efforts targeted at the elite areas of the city. While a part of the city looks like heaven on earth, a larger part is in shred, lacking infrastructure and other social amenities.

As a result, indigenes of Abuja have been marginalised, making life more difficult for the poor and low-income earners in the FCT.

Tukurah, the Co-ordinator Gbagyi Enlightenment Initiative (GEI) lamented, “Indigenes and the original inhabitants  of the entire land covering the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja. The construction of the airport in 1984 by the Airport authority has resulted to the displacement of the villagers and has also denied them access to their lands without any form of compensation nor resettlement in accordance to the extant laws of the land use act

“We live in abject poverty, without any infrastructural development nor basic social amenities coupled with the incessant noise of aircrafts which hovers our roofs day -in day-out thereby inflicting psychological pains as well as plunging them into suffering in the midst of plenty.

In 2011, the ministry of aviation commissioned a perimeter fence, which barricaded the villagers from their only source of water, without the provision of an alternative source, and were as well cut off from the road leading to their farm lands as well as road leading to the only school situated in the area.

“The worse happened few weeks ago when the villagers woke up to see the alternative route of the gates leading to our only source of water, farms and school was locked, with no explanation from the Airport authority till this moment,” the group added.

The impoverished villagers displayed placards with varying comments to express their frustration and unfortunate predicament.

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