All of us want to live peacefully in our homes without getting disturbed. However, sometimes we are bound to face some unwelcome creatures in our homes. These tenacious creatures get into our homes and disturb our lives creating havoc around us. They always seem bothered even if they frustrate us with their presence. Pest infestation is so irritating to all of us and getting rid of them can be challenging and seems impossible.

Cockroaches, lizards, spiders and ants can easily enter our homes and create nuisance within our home causing potential damage inside of our house. Most of the time, we exhaust our resources and time trying to find various pest control methods to drive away these pests from our homes. The pest control products available in the market are full of harmful chemicals. Using them frequently may lead to other health hazards like allergies and hypersensitivity.

Methods That Helps In Getting Rid of Pests Naturally

Pests like cockroaches and lizards are very difficult to kill. Once they enter the house, they quickly take over the whole house leaving us helpless and annoyed. What do we do then? Is there a way out that is safe and free from chemicals?

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The following are some of the natural methods that you can try to keep these pests at bay –

Garlic and coffee grounds – Garlic can act as a powerful natural cockroach repellent. It is smelly but is the most reliable and cost-effective solution to keep cockroaches away. Take some crushed garlic pods along with the peels in some paper cups. Keep the cups in the areas where you see cockroaches regularly. The strong smell of garlic will shoo away the cockroaches from the kitchen and the storage area.

Cockroaches can’t stand the smell of coffee grounds. You can take some coffee grounds in a paper cup or sachets and place them in the storage areas, cupboards and in the corners and places where the cockroaches hide. They are an effective remedy to repel cockroaches.

Pepper Spray – Pepper spray is an effective lizard repellent that you can prepare at home easily. Pepper irritates the lizard by creating a burning sensation all over its body. You just need pepper powder and water to make this solution. You can keep this handy and spray over all the lizard hideout places. Also, spray the solution where you see the movement of lizards. This will prevent the lizards from entering your home.

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Neem Oil – The most irritating pests are mosquitoes. Early mornings and evenings are the time when mosquitoes enter our living spaces. Though they look very tiny but are capable of spreading life-threatening diseases. Neem contains sallanin which is very effective in controlling mosquitoes. You can prepare a mixture of neem oil and coconut oil and apply it all over your body to avoid mosquito bites.

Vinegar And Coconut Oil – It is very common to find spider webs in our houses. No matter how clean you keep the home, in some corners and on the ceilings, you will always find spider webs. Spiders can multiply very fast and so it is very essential to control their infestation which seems a difficult task. However, you can prepare an effective mixture of vinegar and coconut oil and spray it on the areas where there are spider webs and also near the doors and windows and corners of the house.

Herbal Sachets – Houseflies are found especially during the warm weather and cannot be avoided. They create a nuisance with their noise and by hovering near the eatables. Flies carry so many diseases and spread them quickly by sitting on the food. You can control their presence at home by using herbal sachets which is an amazing method to drive away the flies. You can prepare this sachet by taking some bay leaves, cloves, herbal spices, and mint. Crush all these together and fill it up in the sachets. Place these sachets around the house to flee the flies away.

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Above all, keeping the house clean is the key to keeping the pests away from your home. As these pests enter our homes in search of food, cleaning the food crumbs immediately will not attract these pests. Also, ensure to seal your home properly, especially the windows or doors, or some cracks which will keep these pests from invading. Don’t forget to ensure proper ventilation in your home by opening the windows. This will prevent the breeding of any pests inside the home.

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