Professor Chris Imafidon, a Nigerian-born Professor at the University of Oxford, England has promised to give a scholarship to the worst graduating student at the University of Ilorin.

Prof Imafidon said he would give a scholarship to the worst students and if after one year they don’t beat the best students, he would apologize.

That is a decision that shocked everyone when the promise was announced in UNILORIN recently.

Imafidon who was invited to the institution’s recent convocation ceremony publicly announced that he is willing to help the students the university consider as the worst students.

In an interview with Punch, the professor explained the reason stating the reason why he took the decision “You might need to ask my grandmother that because she believes that every child, without exception, has a lot to contribute to the society. She would find out what you are capable of doing. In my own generation, I try to implement what she lived by. She didn’t just preach it, she did it. She was interested in every child. I did what she would have done. She is gone now. But I am here to represent her voice.

I must not let her voice be unheard in my generation, I will always echo it and my mantra is that every child is a genius. If every child is a genius, then it shouldn’t matter if you are at the top of the class, bottom or middle. The lecturers were arguing with me but I told them that they would see what these people they judged the worst students would become. I would give them scholarships and if they don’t beat the ones you say are the best students after three years, I will publicly apologise.

According to Prof Imafidon history has a way of placing a bet on the oddest thing when it comes to education. He said former British Prime Minister, David Cameron bet with him and he lost $25m.

David Cameron tried it with me and he lost $25m. That was what we used to build our first school in Birmingham. He said that for my child to pass the General Certificate of Secondary Education exam at the age of six, it was just the gene. I told him it didn’t have anything to do with the gene. I told him to give me the worst performing schools and I would work with the least students and he should come back nine months later. He laughed at it.

But when he came back nine months later, he knew what he saw. I spoke to the children, I mentored them and I adopted them as if they were my biological children. I didn’t even teach them all the subjects, I just spoke to their personality and I used one or two subjects as samples and they were flying. In one year, they beat the best.

Professor Imafidon’s children have been reported in British media as the smartest kids in the United Kingdom as they broke academic records at a very tender age.

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