Prince Charles of Wales, first in line to the British royal throne is currently in Ghana on a tour of Africa.

The father of Prince William and Princes Harry is in Ghana where he disclosed some secret detail of his upbringing as a young prince. He revealed that he was a very spoilt prince when he was little. He also admitted that slavery has really tainted the history of British.

According to comments on social media, Prince Charles reportedly had his shoelaces ironed and toothpaste put on his toothbrush every morning

Another tweet read: “Big speech in Ghana by Prince Charles this morning on slavery. It stops short of an apology though. The Crown was of course heavily involved in the slave trade.

“Prince Charles acknowledges the UK’s role in the horrors slaves trade #RoyalVisitGhana FYI -slavery is the root cause of racism the demon that’s still lurking today, ‘we the People must work harder to eradicate it from our world.'”

Here are more disclosure and reactions gathered from Twitter:

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