Reactions have been trailing recent announcement by the Code of Conduct Tribunal stating that Senator Bukola Saraki is free of blame in the trial over false declaration of asset levied against him.


The Presidency on Wednesday described the discharge of the Senate president by the Code of Conduct Tribunal as a ‘mockery’ of the war against corruption.


CCT recently withdrew all 18 charges levied against the senate president and said he has no case to answer.


Special Assistant to the President on Prosecution, Okoi Obono-Obla, in his reaction to the judgment said it was balderdash.


Reports also supported the claim that such judgment was influenced by a political compromise reached by Saraki and some contacts in President Buhari administration.


Obono-Obla said: “It is a travesty of justice. It is pedestrian and it is outrageous. It is against the weight.


“There was overwhelming evidence, cogent evidence, incontrovertible evidence, which cannot be dismissed by a no-case submission. The trial judge ought to have called on the defendant to enter his defence against the evidence adduced by the prosecution.


“The prosecutor, Mr. Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), is one of the best in the country and he conducted that case professionally, conscientiously and diligently.


“So, we are amazed, we are surprised. It is balderdash; it is hogwash.


“We know that President Muhammadu Buhari is a paragon of integrity. The Attorney General of the Federation is also a paragon of integrity that will never compromise cases.”


“And we will go on with this fight against corruption despite the frustration, despite the setback.


“We will go back to the drawing board, re-strategise because Nigeria must be saved. Our head is bruised but it is unbowed.”

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