Kgosientsho Ramokgopa is a known wordsmith. When he talks, people very often listen – and two very willing ears belong to Cyril Ramaphosa. He appointed ‘Sputla’ to serve as his Head of Infrastructure and Investment in the Presidency, hoping he’d call things as he saw them.

Boy, has Ramokgopa done that this week…

Presidency official says SA is a ‘ticking time-bomb’ – and fears that an uprising against ANC government could take place

The Doctor’s appearance at the 14th Provincial Conference of the ANC in Gauteng proved to be a memorable one. In his address to attendees, he issued a grave warning to colleagues and citizens alike. His message? ‘An uprising is coming, unless the ruling party pulls its finger out’.

Ramokgopa is acutely aware of how hard this cost of living crisis is impacting poor South Africans. Food costs more, fuel prices are insanely high, and affording the essentials is proving to be extremely difficult. As far as Sputla is concerned, this is fertile ground to ‘topple the government’.

“Given the price of fuel and it’s relationship with where we are… don’t watch TV and think people are bombing each other here – the bombing is in the fridge. The bomb is on the stove. And when it explodes, no-one will be able to stop it.”

“If food prices continue to rise it means the poor must have one meal. If it continues, it’s two meals every two days. That’s hunger. That’s anger. And it means the rich will never sleep. They will rise and topple the government. If people go hungry, they will rise against this ANC government.”

Kgosientsho Ramokgopa

Insurers braced for more looting, civil unrest

It’s a frankly extraordinary statement from an official serving in the Presidency. But it seems that Ramokgopa isn’t the only one predicting a riot. Insurance experts are also fearful that a repeat of the July 2021 unrest could happen again soon – with even WORSE consequences.

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Jonathan van Rensburg, a Senior Consultant at BTS, believes that there is a toxic mix of factors that could push suffering South Africans over the edge. He now believes that his industry has to be ‘far more realistic’ when it comes to planning for the worst.

“We’ve got AG reports saying the vast majority of municipalities are defunct, you’ve got youth unemployment above 50%, we have poverty and hunger on a grand scale. This was all present before COVID-19 and the lockdowns.”

“The most important finding is that service delivery protests have got more violent over the last 10 years. The insurance industry is trying to figure out all future outcomes, and the pay-outs we will need to make. We now have to be realistic when interpreting the current state of SA.”

Jonathan van Rensburg


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