The Chief Whip of the Senate, Olusola Adeyeye says Nigerians are dying due to the failure of politicians to take decisive action on matters of public importance.

Speaking on the bill for the establishment of the National Road Fund on Thursday, Senator Adeyeye expressed displeasure over the incessant loss of lives dues to road crashes.

The Osun Senator also bemoaned the inability of the country to refine petrol for local consumption.

He then advised the federal government to allocate funds for road construction.

Adeyeye said: “Chairman sir, with due respect to all of us, we are in this crisis because of past negligence and until we remediate that negligence, we deceive ourselves. Leadership is not always about popularity. Sometimes, leadership is about biting the bullet in tough times.

“We all go to England, the United States of America, Japan and we all know that there is no pump price in the United Kingdom that is not close to one pound per liter. If we want to compare ourselves to Venezuela and Norway, then let’s refine locally but we are not.

“As long as we are importing, let’s buy the bullets; we need to build our roads. I completely agree with this. Our people are now dying and it is the politicians that are killing them. It is the politicians who are not making tough decisions who are killing them,” he declared.

In a swift reaction, Senate leader, Ahmed Lawan disagreed with Adeyeye.

“With the greatest respect to our colleague who feels we should bite the bullet, I think this Senate and the National Assembly is a representation of the most ordinary Nigerian.” Lawan said.

“We quote examples with the UK and Japan but is the level of poverty in our country same as those countries? The answer is no. I want to suggest that we stand down the consideration of this report so we can get more details,” he added.

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