Piers Morgan was replaced by a cameraman on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning, as he playfully claimed he can do a ‘better job’ filming the ITV breakfast show.

The presenter, 53, stepped down from his news anchor role to head behind the camera, much to the amusement of viewers, after being encouraged by his GMB co-star Charlotte Hawkins.

Joking that the show’s cameraman Carl ‘could be him’ instead, Piers tried his hand at filming – claiming he had done a ‘perfect job’ despite not having any experience.

His co-star Susanna Reid had joked that Piers should be replaced by ‘Carl on camera number five’ with Piers hitting back: ‘I wouldn’t actually mind operating camera five because then it might be in focus.’

Told to ‘have a go’ by co-star Charlotte, Piers didn’t hesitate to step behind the camera, as he joked: ‘How hard can this be? Seriously.’

As he maneuverer the camera to focus on the Good Morning Britain panel, Piers claimed: ‘Here’s a wide shot. I’ve never done this before in my entire life and look at this, perfect.’ Meanwhile, cameraman Carl replaced Piers and sat alongside Charlotte and Susanna Reid – much to the delight of fans watching at home. They were quick to comment on Piers’ stand-in, with some joking on Twitter it had been ‘an improvement’.

Fans penned: ‘Carl is a lot ‘easier on the eye’ than Piers in the morning.

‘Carl’s definitely better looking. More charming as well. He also looks very clever.

‘The swap Piers with the cameraman was extraordinary viewing!! Laughing this much as early as this is not good for the tummy to be hurting!

Known for their playful relationship on air, Susanna couldn’t have looked more delighted to be sat next to Carl instead of Piers, as she joked her co-star was ‘going to kill someone’ with the camera and viewers were getting ‘sea sick’.

Piers responded by focusing the camera on Charlotte alone, instead of Susanna, and teased: ‘Let’s give Charlotte what she’s always wanted, her moment in the sun. It’s all on you. I’ve made it all about you’.

It comes after Piers was caught making a cheeky innuendo live on air earlier this month, causing Susanna to nearly choke on her tea. The duo had been discussing what women want from men, with Piers claiming: ‘Women basically want men to stop having sex with them and stop being men and they basically want them to just be little door mats.

‘You know what I think the real problem was? When men began using those straps on things that they carry babies in.’ But the words ‘strap on’ were too much for Susanna who nearly choked on her tea.

‘Not those straps on things, Susanna,’ Piers said, before continuing: ‘The moment that happened, it was the end. When have you ever seen a man in a papoose and found him sexy?

Susanna recently won more trophies than her co-star Piers at the National Reality TV Awards. She was named the Best TV Presenter, Celebrity Personality of the Year and Best Talk Show for Good Morning Britain. Chuffed with her accolades, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant joked that she would be ‘rubbing it in Piers’ face’ that he didn’t win Best TV Presenter.

Source: Dailymail

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