Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli has urged Nigerians to spread love and not the opposite.

The movie producer and scriptwriter said she is all about spreading love. Thus, she’s in turn urging people to spread love.

Omoni took to her Instagram page encouraging people to stop being trolls and nasty on social media but should leave sweet and inspiring comments instead.

She urged those who might be going through one situation or the other to speak up and not be quiet; ask for both professional and personal help. She urged them to cry out and not stay in a particular space.

Amidst recent the depressive thoughts and experiences, Omoni Oboli is helping people take the pledge of spreading love and not hate.

She wrote:

“Be deliberate about spreading love. Just imagine a world where we all decide to say only nice things. Imagine a world where we don’t troll people online and leave a trail of nasty comments. I have been bullied and called names for being deliberate about leaving sweet and loving comments online. When did we get so bitter that when you are sweet, you become the bad one? ‘What’s up with that Omoni sef? Commenting nice things on people’s post upandan?’ Would you rather a world where people are so trolled, they decide the world is too bitter for them and they take their lives?

“If you are unhappy and thinking of ending it all, seek help. Cry out! Don’t stay in that space. Nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us have gone through those times. Ask for help both personal and professional.

“Please dear friends, commit to being better.

“I urge you to take this pledge with me…’If I have nothing nice to say, I will say nothing’

“Believe me, the world will be a better place!

Always remember that I love you.”

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