The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) on Tuesday suggested a synergy between the Federal, State and Local Government for the smooth funding of primary education in the country.

The union during a peaceful march which held in States across the federation also supported the agitation for primary education in the country to remain under the funding of the state government rather than being handed to the third tier authority.

Benue State Chairman of NUT, Comrade Yiaseh Michael, in his address at the protest march to Government House in Makurdi and the State House of Assembly, said the union was also not totally against local government autonomy.

“However, the NUT’s worry about the autonomy remains that, if the local government becomes autonomous, what is the guarantee that they will be able to adequately fund primary education in Nigeria?” he asked.

He added that the NUT agrees with the autonomy of the local government but insist on insulating the teaching profession from being exploited and maltreated by craving for its independence of funding to take care of its salary payments and training.

He maintained the need for the education of the Benue child and indeed the Nigeria children not to be played with as he further posited that if education were to continue to ensure a smooth transition, then, it’s funding and management should be given priority.

The NUT chairman, therefore, contended that poor funding policy of primary education had seriously affected educational products, standard and stability in the country, stressing that primary education should be saved from total collapse.

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