A health and safety consultant, Mr Dapo Omolade has called on Nigerians to be more security and safety conscious to prevent disasters in the country.

Omolade, CEO of Hybrid Group, made this known during the group’s facility commissioning in Ikeja, Lagos State, which he noted was established to bridge Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (OHSE) gap, a main challenge in the safety sector.

He said safety awareness will help reposition the country and reduce risk, capacity building, security management, peacebuilding and partnership through empowerment, teamwork and collaboration.

“There is a need for safety education in the country. Safety science is a twenty-first-century term for everything that deals with the prevention of accidents, illness, fires, explosion and other events which harm people, environment and property.

“Safety professionals have responsibilities in every facet of human existence, whether at home, on the road or in any workplace. At our end, we are increasing safety awareness among the organization, which entails that their activities do not cause harm to anyone while properly identifying workplace hazards.

“Reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situation and substances also include training of personnel in accident prevention, emergency response and preparedness in the use of safety equipment,” he said.

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