For most people, Independence Day is a day to show patriotism to Nigeria as a country as everyone savours the joy and pride of being called Nigerians. With the state of the country right now, a lot of people feel it is not worthy to celebrate the Independence anniversary as the country has made no progressive impact in the past few years and have chosen to celebrate or not celebrate Nigeria’s Independence.

Nigeria, still crawling at 58 – Pretty Okafor, PMAN President

We haven’t been able to do well for ourselves. Being 58, and we are still acting like a suckling, is quite unbelievable. If the structure that we got when we had independence, the leaders followed it, they didn’t bring in selfishness and greed into it, Nigeria would have been away from being a ‘Third World’ country. But at 58, we are still complaining of no steady light (electricity), we are still complaining of roads, we cannot even boast of production or manufacturing of anything at all, while we have a whole lot of resources in the country. It is actually appalling.

I didn’t post or send ‘Happy Independence’ messages on Monday, October 1st, because I was ashamed of myself as a Nigerian. At 58, we haven’t been able to get anything right. Going forward, the creative industry is the only industry, right now, that has a direction, willpower, and resources to take Nigeria where it is supposed to be.

The leaders also don’t understand the intricacies when it comes to the creative industry. They don’t understand that that is the particular sort of diversification of the economy. It is going to make us not to depend on oil. America makes about $700 billion a year just in the creative industry; England makes $90 billion a year, just in the creative industry.

South Africa makes $9.8 billion a year. If South Africa that is just 58 million people, can make $9.8 billion, while Nigeria that is getting to a population of about 200 million people, we can’t even boast of N1 in the creative industry. South Africa that is 56 in the index of creative industry and Nigeria is number 3. South Africa made 33 billion for last year, but Nigeria, the biggest in Africa, number three in the world when it comes to entertainment industry, we cannot boast of N1. It is enough to make just anybody to go and jump into the lagoon because you will be wondering things are not working for us. Why are things going the wrong way? How can we have people that don’t think, people that don’t have direction at the helms of affairs? I might be sounding a little bit negative, but I am a realist.

I would say the thing the way it is. We haven’t been able to get out of crawling, which is so bad. The only thing you hear about Nigeria, apart from the beautiful music and films that we are producing in this country, is looting, killing, destruction. Is that what we can boast of in 58 years?

A lot to be thankful for but … – Oga Bello

Nigeria at 58, we thank God. But I think we can do better. We need to cooperate, work together and let’s move things forward for the betterment of Nigerians. About the creative industry, I will say that we are not doing badly. But our challenges must be looked into. The challenges include fund, distribution, and marketing. But the major one is distribution. If we the stakeholders can come together voice, it will be better. We all have to stop all this discrimination about being academician or not academician, you went to school or you didn’t go to school, and so on. We all have to put our differences behind us and work together so that we can do better than we have done so far. According to him, in spite of the challenges, there is cause for celebration. He said: “For me, there is nothing wrong with celebrating. Though there are a lot of things that are happening, such as killings, and so on, but we must encourage ourselves.”

Source: New Telegraph

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