The Nigerian Army has said that Amnesty International (A.I) has been attacking the very fabric of the nation, adding that the military has particularly been the centre of attack by the rights group.

According to the army, the military will make a case for the international rights group to leave Nigeria if they continue with their mode of operation.

Army spokesman, Brigadier General Sani Usman noted while addressing issues inherent Amnesty International’s latest report that A.I has been threatening the unity of the nation with the way their reports are channeled towards putting the nation’s military in disrepute.

Brig. Gen. Sani claimed that most of the allegations by Amnesty International are baseless.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme Sunrise Daily, hesaid that the figures doled out in the latest report by A.I is untrue.

He said the context under which most cases cited by the rights group were reported lacked specificity.

The Army spokesperson dared Amnesty International to cite an example where the military was complicit in the issues they raised.

He said: “Basically what we are trying to prove or say is the fact that most of these reports and allegations were either fabricated or one-sided without taking into cognisance, the wider context of some of the issues”.

Claiming that Amnesty International has refused blatantly to cooperate with the army, Brig. Gen. Usman said that the military “has a right to know what they are up to, in the sense that without prejudice to their independent investigative process, we want a situation whereby the security forces are involved in the investigative process”.

Source: Channels TV

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