Mr Israel Eboh, President, National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP) has called on state governments and private investors to invest in the building of theatres across the country.

Eboh said in Lagos that this would create employment opportunities, add value to communities and enlighten the people on some of the Nigerian cultures.

He said that the association did not have the financial strength to build theatres in all council areas but its members could manage them professionally and provide contents for them.

According to him, the presence of theatres in communities will minimize crime rate among the youths, increasing their level of creativity and boost the economy.

He said that the Nigerian Cultural Policy made provisions for the establishment of theatres across the country.

Therefore, the government should encourage investors to know that they were not venturing into an illegal venture by investing in theatres, he said.

“States and the organized private sector have the funds and that is the reason we are advising them to invest in the development of theatres.

“We will help in ensuring they are run professionally.

“ This will make our youths more focused and busy, it will also enable them develop their talents in acting, choreography, and singing.

“In bound tourism will be on the increase and people will get to know more about their culture through the numerous productions that will be coming up,” he said.

Eboh disclosed that the association had acquired six plots of land in a prime location in Lekki where a symbolic and iconic cultural centre would be built.

He said that the association was also negotiating with private investors for a Public, Private, Partnership (PPP) arrangement.

Eboh said that this would reduce the financial burden that the association would need to fund the centre.

Source: Independent

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