Many of the professions on our list of occupations in demand in South Africa are considered to be time-consuming, and some of them are considered to be high-risk. Additionally, many of the professions require a lengthier certification period than the rest of the list. Consider the career of a specialist doctor, which not only requires more training time but also exposes its practitioners to a high level of occupational danger because of their specialized knowledge and training. The career of a pilot is another one that is loaded with danger since these individuals are frequently in the air while performing their duties.

Actuarial scientists, for example, would spend the entirety of their nine-year university education to obtain their actuarial degrees, making them one of the most time-consuming professional positions to qualify for. Engineering degrees, as well as architecture and other professional vocations on the list, include a time-consuming and tough process to accomplish.

Jobs in Demand in South Africa

1. Software Development

Industries: Technology, Finance, Education

Job titles: Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Full Stack Developer

2. Business Management

Industries: Government, Marketing, Retail/Wholesale

Job titles: Project Manager, Risk Manager, Procurement Director

3. Banking/High Finance

Industries: Finance, Compliance & Legal, Accounting, Business Planning

Job titles: Financial Analyst, Account Broker, Investment Advisor, Chartered Accountant

4. Sales

Industries: Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, e-Commerce

Job titles: Business Manager, Sales Director, Supply Chain Specialist

5. Information Technology

Industries: Information Technology, Government, Marketing, Retail

Job titles: Computer Network Architect, IT Coordinator, Network Administrator

6. Languages

Industries: Legal, Marketing, Accounting, Education, Publishing

Job titles: Interpreter, Communications Specialist, Translators

7. Medicine/Nursing

Industries: Private/Public Healthcare, Tourism, Education

Job titles: Intensive Care Nurse, Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Hospital Administrator

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8. Engineering

Industries: Architecture, Government, City Planning,

Job titles: Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineering Technologist, Draftsperson

9. Customer Service

Industries: Retail, Hospitality, Wholesale, Tourism

Job titles: Human Resources Manager, Travel Agent, Company Secretary

10. Marketing

Industries: Technology, Retail/Wholesale, Hospitality, Tourism

Job titles: SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Editor