Pollsmoor Prison is considered to be one of the most dangerous prisons in South Africa.

In this article, we present a have a list of the top prisons that are located in South Africa and little details about the prisons which house the most solitary prisoners in the country.

Prisons are a necessity for every society. If the problem of crime needs to be managed and controlled prior to it spreading out of control, there should be a facility for those with signs that are similar to signs of crime. Correctional facilities are locations where individuals are kept to see if they are able to be healed from the disease.

Maximum Security Prisons (MSP) are correctional facilities that house the most dangerous, hardened criminals, who exhibit signs that correspond with a higher level of crime they commit, are kept. They are there because they pose danger to society and they could cause more damage when they are allowed to move around free among the more sane people in society.

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