Unlike other U.S mosques, threatening calls and emails has been received frequently by the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in suburban Minneapolis after an explosive shattered windows and damaged room as the worshippers were preparing for their morning prayer, the leaders stated their fears.

The center’s executive director Mohamed Omar said “We feel like it’s much deeper and scarier than like something random,” “it’s so scary”.

The Imam’s office was shattered either by what the FBI called an “improvised explosive device” or by an object thrown through them, no record of anyone being hurt but the FBI is on the look for those involved in the attack and also to determine if the attack was as a result of hate crime.

Other public officials, community leaders and Gov. Mark Dayton meet on Sunday in the building. The bomb attack was described as so wretched” and “not Minnesota.”

“This is an act of terrorism. This is against the law in America,” Dayton said at a news conference afterward, the Star Tribune reported .

The mosque in Bloomington, just south of Minneapolis, is not just a worship center but it has a fitness center, gymnasiums for boys and girls, a football field and adjoins a city park, Omar stated. 300 worshippers can occupy the mosque for Friday prayers and the mosque also contain a computer classes, a basketball league, religious classes, lectures and other events.

The mosque is a place where a family can come and get everything they need,” Omar said.

Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center, was opened in 2011, in an elementary school as it former site in the suburb, about 85,000 and it also serves people primarily from the area’s large Somali community.

Complaints were made by some residents close to the mosque about parking, noise and traffic, the Star Tribune reported. The center gets along with “92, 93 percent” of its neighbors, Omar said.

Deputy Bloomington Police Chief Mike Hartley, reported on Sunday that there was no hate crimes reported at the mosque despite receiving threatening calls and messages.

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