How do you get loans for blacklisted at Capitec? We take a look at this in this article.

Numerous South Africans are going through some form of financial tension due to their current financial condition. Refusing or being unable to pay back a loan on the due date may put you at risk of being blacklisted.

Over five million South Africans currently are on the blacklist due to their refusal or inability to clear their outstanding debt be it a bank loan, household bond, or credit card. Getting blacklisted can have a severe impact financially as you may find it difficult to obtain credit and will have to pay a much higher interest rate if you obtain credit successfully. It can also stop you from getting employed in a certain organization that requires your credit record.

Loans for Blacklisted at Capitec

Loans for Blacklisted at Capitec: How To Check If You’re Blacklisted 

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It is common to get blacklisted without being warned or informed. This cans vital to check regularly. South Africans are eligible for one free credit report in a year. You can get it done with the credit bureau via phone call, online, and SMS.


One of the biggest credit bureaus in South Africa. You can get to know if you’re blacklisted through the Transunion SMS option. They also help with account status, credit score, and summary.

To use the SMS platform, you will have to get registered by dialing *120*8801# with your phone number.


 It is easy to get your free yearly report with Compuscan through their website.


Another outstanding South African credit bureau, also offers you a free credit report every year. All you have to do is register on their website.

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Loans for Blacklisted at Capitec: Capitec Loan for Blacklisted People

Capitec bank just like other reputable lenders complies with the National Credit Regular. And makes use of the credit report to determine if the applicant is creditworthy hence making it difficult to obtain a loan for black-listed individuals.

There are different types of credit offers at Capitec to help meet your certain demands. Although there’s currently no form of loan for blacklisted people at Capitec, you can successfully get a loan by meeting their criteria.

How Do I Apply For a Capitec Credit Facility

The Capitec Access Facility enables South Africans to access funding for certain long-term objectives. It gives you immediate access to money, which can be used for home renovation, getting needed equipment to kickstart a business, or paying for education. 

You can apply online, with the banking app, or by visiting the nearest branch with the following:

  • A valid identification document
  • Latest three consecutive salary slips
  • Bank statement indicating the last three income deposits
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