A Drake fan from Iowa went in this weekend with a now-viral conspiracy theory linking the Toronto rapper, his latest album, and his now infamous Pusha T beef to none other than the Kardashian-West clan.

And, hmm,, it’s a nice one.

After catching Drake in concert weeks ago, Tyler Morrison did some online research with the single-minded purpose of confirming a wild rumour idea: Drake has hooked up with Kim Kardashian West.

Morrison’s theory is a trail of improbable breadcrumbs worthy of the soapiest daytime drama, and Twitter totally took it up. He kicks off by suggesting that any love-life-related digs against Kanye West in Scorpion were actually specifically about West’s wife.

He goes on to cite reports that West was Pusha T’s source confirming that Drake was a father, causing tensions to flare between the rappers. That information wasn’t exactly true, though: TMZ reported similar rumours in May 2017, and Drake’s strategy for privacy — to basically pay for silence from anyone who could leak any of his life informatiion details — while blunt and effective, is not fool proof.

Drake supposedly had a vicious rebuttal to Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” lined up, and Morrison and others have speculated that West put an end to the feud (via tweet) because Drake’s information was apparently too damaging for him. That information, Morrison theorizes, is that Drake hooked up with Kim Kardashian West.

Morrison also said that the famed Kiki of “In My Feelings” lore is actually Kim Kardashian West, given that it’s a nickname she’s gone by in the past — although the last time she tweeted using the nickname was back in August 2015. She also has a lipstick in her KKW Beauty line called “Kiki.” It’s described as a “pinky nude.”

But Kiki’s true identity, already a subject of widespread speculation, has also been duly interpreted as several women — both of whom have been previously involved with Drake — including former 106 & Park host Keisha Chante and Oakland-based flame Kyanna Barber. Barber even goes so far as to claim she’s “da only Kiki” on her Twitter bio.

If, by this point, you’re thinking Morrison’s claims seem shaky, you’re not the only one. After the panellists on a recent episode of Complex News’s hip-hop debate show Everyday Struggle suggested something similar to Morrison’s theory, Kardashian-West herself chimed in early this morning. On the Shade Room’s repost of the video on Instagram, she wrote, “Never happened. End of story.”

Case dismissed.

Source: Refinery 29

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