A sum of $9.4 million in damages has been paid to Quincy Jones, the veteran producer of Michael Jackson’s sensational songs.

The said amount, which is the cost of work done for the late Jackson after his demise, was paid from his estate.

A Los Angeles legal team agreed with the producer on his claims however they granted him part of the $30 million he demanded.

Jones is renowned for his production works for super world music acts among who are Jackson, whose “Thriller” song was put together by him in 1982, from when it took over the song chart as best-selling album.

The case was filed in court by the producer claiming that the use of Jackson’s songs in a documentary detailing the series of rehearsals he underwent for shows in London, were not ordinarily the cause of the musician’s death.

It was gathered that Jackson had earlier filed a lawsuit against MJJ Productions Inc., which was one of the firms in charge of his estate in 2013.

Jones stated that according to contractual agreement between him and Jackson in 1978 and 1985 he owned the exclusive production rights to the superstar’s songs, as well as carrying out any reproduction.

He said that: “Although this judgment is not the full amount that I was seeking, I am very grateful that the jury decided in our favour in this matter.

“I view it not only as a victory for myself personally but for artists’ rights overall.

In the argument of the Defense counsel, Zia Modabber, he disagreed with the producer and said only the superstar had the right to the first recording.

His words: “This is a grab for money that Mr. Jones isn’t entitled to.

In the submission of another counsel for MJJ Productions, Howard Weitzman, he held that the estate has the option of an appeal in case a large sum is won.

The managers of the superstar’s estate wanted to turn around its fortune but with limited success ever since and Jackson’s family does not want to maintain his Neverland ranch either.

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