Issa Hayatou major contender for the CAF presidency, Ahmad Ahmad, has just been voted in as the new CAF president, defeating Issa Hayatou who has been president since 1988.

The event, which took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, saw Ahmad defeating the President who seems to be heading for an extension of his already elongated years in Office. History was made as Ahmad becomes only the sixth CAF president in the governing body’s 60-year history.

Ahmad won 34 of the 54 votes in the election, paving way for new development and new ideas into the African football governing body.

Never since Hayatou ascended the throne 29 years ago has the former Cameroonian athlete and basketball player been faced with a credible challenge to his presidency, with prospective candidates for the seat in the past, either developing cold feet at the eleventh hour or summarily disqualified by clever amendments to the Statutes.

Hayatou mounted the throne at the age of 41, after a campaign hinged on the need for a new vigour and spirit at the top of CAF, and the promise of a new direction offered by youthful vibrancy.

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