When Nadia Hanan Madalo and her family received the news that they had seats on a flight bound for the U.S. from Iraq, they expressed uncertainty in view of the travel ban by the Trump administration.

On Wednesday, March 16, a federal judge in Hawaii put a hold on President Trump’s newest ban. This is following the injunction by a federal court in California blocking order in February, declaring it unconstitutional, and making it possible for thousands of refugees to gain entry into the U.S.

Thankfully, the Trump administration dropped Iraq from the list of countries allowing Madalo and her family free entry into the U.S.

Madalo, her husband and their four children originally had been scheduled to leave on Thursday, the day the travel ban was to go into effect. The renewed order allowed refugees with booked tickets by the end of Thursday to still come into the country until the end of the month.

However, in view of the myriad of issues emanating from Trump’s first executive order, the family could not afford to take any chances and opted for a flight a day earlier than initially scheduled.


News Source: AP News

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