I’m the man of this house, man fumes after wife caught him cheating (Video)

A video which captured the moment a woman walked in on her husband pants down with another lady has since gone viral.

In the video, the wife was seen holding the husband’s mistress roughly while neighbours tried to break them apart.

While the neighbours were trying to intervene, the man was seen defending his side chick; he stated that he’s the man of his house and would do what he likes since his wife deprives him in the house.

The wife however, went into the room, packed his belongings in two locally made big bags insisting that he must leave the house.

The man however stated that he bought the 32 plasma television hung on the wall but the woman removed it from the wall and smashed it on the ground to the surprise of her husband and the neighbours.

She also went into one of the rooms and brought out a standing fan that the man bought.

The neighbours were heard begging the woman to show mercy because of her two children who were seated on the couch watching the pandemonium.

But the woman noted that she pays the house rent and the man had the audacity to bring his mistress.

After packing all the man’s property close to the door, she carried her baby and held the older child on his hands while they went into one of the rooms.

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