In this article, you would learn how to reverse eWallet payments on FNB. We are all poised to make mistakes and sometimes, we find ourselves wanting to know how to reverse payments after inputting the wrong cellphone/account number. eWallet is a well-known platform used by South Africans to send and receive payments. When there is a mistake in the process of sending money then getting it reversed is the only option left for you to regain your money.


There is no cause of alarm though, getting your money reversed is not as difficult as it might look. here’s how you can go through it.

How to Reverse eWallet

How to reverse eWallet on FNB via USSD

  • Dial  *120*321#
  • Input your cellphone banking PIN.
  • Select option 4 (send money).
  • Select option 5 (eWallet reversal).
  • Input the payment you wish to reverse.
  • Fill in the reason for the reversal and click on “Confirm.”

There will be a notice on your phone  screen stating: “eWallet transaction successfully reversed.”

How to Reverse eWallet Payment via FNB Call Center

You can also request for your funds to be reversed by calling the FNB eWallet call center on 087 575 9405.  Note that there may be a charge when requesting a reversal.

Reversing eWallet on the FNB app

 There is no selection for reversing an eWallet transfer on the FNB app at the moment, but you can still reach the bank on your mobile phone by calling  087 575 9405 or 087 575 0362 for direction.

How Much Does it Cost?

It is reported that FNB charges R50 for each reversal transaction. You can contact your banker to verify the amount being charged per reversal transaction  

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How Long Does it Take?

The eWallet reversals are processed instantly after you submit the reversal request successfully. The money will also be returned to your account immediately.

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