It’s a service that provides you with fast, reliable and unlimited internet access from the comfort of your home. Once registered you will be given a WiFi router that will enable you to have wireless and LAN internet access. How to pay or renew your Safaricom Home Fibre package.

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The packages available for you include:

Package Speed Monthly Cost Validity Period
Bronze 5mbps 2900/- 30 Days
Bronze Plus 5mbps 3400/- 30 Days
Silver 10mbps 3999/- 30 Days
Silver Plus 10mbps 4999/- 30 Days
Gold 20mbps 5699/- 30 Days
Gold Plus 20mbps 6699/- 30 Days
Diamond 40mbps 11499/- 30 Days
Diamond Plus 40mbps 12499/- 30 Days

The following Fibre packages are available:

Fibre packages Speeds Price (30 days) Fair Usage Limit Speeds after Fair Usage
Bronze 8Mbps Kshs. 2,999 500GB 1Mbps
Silver 20Mbps Kshs. 4,100 1000GB 3Mbps
Gold 40Mbps Kshs. 6,299 1000GB 3Mbps
Diamond 100Mbps Kshs. 12,499 1000GB 3Mbps

Payment for the Fibre Packages is every thirty (30) days in advance. If you do not pay on time, the Service will be suspended and only reactivated once you make your monthly payment.

Customers will be allocated internet speeds with a 1:4 contention ratio. This means that in instances of heavy traffic causing congestion on the network, applicable speeds may be reduced to up to 25% of the advertised speed for the package.

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The Safaricom Home Fibre plans are subject to a Fair Usage Policy with usage limits and throttle speeds as indicated in the table above. Upon reaching the Fair Usage limit for the package, the speeds will be throttled to 1Mbps for Bronze plans and 3Mbps for Silver, Gold and Diamond plans for the remainder of the validity period of the subscription.

The fair usage limit is a consumption limit assigned for each usage cycle and not a volume resource or bundle allocation hence it will not be possible to roll over or extend the validity of the fair usage limit beyond the package validity cycle.

The Gold and Diamond packages will include Securenet service offering parental control and anti-malware protection. Bronze and Silver packages will need to purchase Securenet service separately if required as per the prevailing rates.

Safaricom Home Fibre Plus

The following Internet Plus options are available alongside your preferred Fibre packages.

Price Minutes Data SMS
Internet Plus Kshs. 1,050 400 5GB Unlimited

The Internet plus resources (mobile data, voice minutes and unlimited SMS) will be valid for thirty (30) days after which they will expire and not be available for use. The validity of the Fibre Plus resources will be the same as that of the linked Fibre package.

You will not be able to roll over or extend the validity of the Internet Plus resources

It will not be possible to purchase the Internet Plus resources independently from your Home Fibre subscriptions.

You will not be permitted to use your Internet Plus resources for premium rated services, international calls or roaming services. However, the Voice minutes and SMSs can be used across local networks.

Should you be unable to access your Internet Plus Service bundles, Safaricom shall reimburse you.

The Internet Plus resources will be allocated to the Fibre service registered Safaricom number. The customer can opt to provide a different Safaricom number to which all the Internet Plus resources will be allocated.

Once allocated, you cannot transfer/sambaza your voice minutes, data bundles and SMSs to another number.

The Internet Plus Unlimited SMS resources are subject to a Fair Usage Policy.


4G Home Plans

The 4G Home Plans available are as follows:

4G Home Plan Price Volume at Full Speeds Throttled Speeds Volume at throttled Speeds
3 Mbps 3,699 200 GB 1Mbps 200 GB
5 Mbps 5,299 400 GB 1Mbps 400 GB

Customers will be given a bundle to browse at either 3Mbps or 5Mbps. Once you hit the full speeds threshold, the speeds will be throttled to 1 Mbps for the allocated volume.

You will not be able to roll over or extend the validity of the resources allocated in the packages.

Fair Usage Policy

Safaricom reserves the right to use a fair usage policy (FUP) to manage its network in order to maintain acceptable levels of customer experience.

The Service is subject to FUP as indicated in clause 5 above.

The Service is subject to change from time to time.

Restrictions on access to and use of the Service

You may access and use the Service only –

in a single residential unit;

for private domestic use; and

at your physical address.

You may not use the Service in any manner or for any purpose other than as set out in these Terms and Conditions, nor may you negligently or intentionally permit any other person to do so. Without limiting the restrictions in clause 6, you may not attempt to or –

access any component or aspect of the Service other than those components or aspects to which you are authorised to have access;

use the Service, or any component thereof, for any commercial purpose;

provide the Service to the public, whether or not a fee is charged;

charge any person a fee to access the Service without authorisation from Safaricom;

permit, facilitate or condone any other person conducting any of the prohibited activities in this clause, whether using your Equipment or otherwise.

Service interruptions

Safaricom will endeavour to limit service interruption occurrences to the Safaricom Fibre service and the length thereof.

In the case of a service interruption in the Safaricom Fibre service, Safaricom will deploy technical teams to address any network faults.

If a customer detects a service interruption in the Safaricom Fibre service, the customer has to notify Safaricom customer care of the interruption.

If the service interruption in the Safaricom Fibre service is traced to a customer’s Safaricom Fibre installation or customer equipment, then Safaricom will endeavor to rectify the fault remotely, failing which, a service team will be dispatched to the customer’s premises to address the fault.

If in the event of a service interruption in the Safaricom Fibre service a service team is dispatched to the customer’s premises and it is found that the service interruption is attributable to the customer’s actions, then Safaricom may at its sole discretion, charge the customer the applicable rates for dispatching the service team to rectify the service interruption and for any materials costs incurred.

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