Ecobank is one of the influential banks in Ghana and Nigeria, boasting over  8.4 Million customers, their network is so strong that you can transfer funds between Nigeria and Ghana.

It’s no secret that online banking is ruling and Ecobank is not slacking either, their platform is securely built and to state, a fact Ecobank online banking is one of the easiest to use with a good user interface.

In this post, well we’ll through:

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What Is EcoBank Online Banking

Online banking which can also be called Internet banking is the process of running transactions over the internet, in the case of Ecobank online banking, this can be conducted in two ways either using the mobile application which can be found in the Google PlayStore or on the Apple PlayStore or using the web.

How To Open An Ecobank Account In Ghana

To open an Ecobank account in ghana there are certain documents you need to have, these are basic identification documents so don’t panic.

Requirements for opening an Ecobank account in Ghana

You would need to have:

  1. Identification documents. International Passport. National ID. Proof of Residence.
  2. Customer Photos. Personal Photo / Selfie.
  3. Business. Certificate of Residence.

If you are a tourist or in Ghana for the business you may not be able to provide Proof of residence yet, or Nation ID but surely you should have an International Passport. for the Photos part if you have a regular shaped Passport Photo that can work, but if you don’t have you can walk into the bank with a clean selfie photo and it would be accepted.

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How To Register For EcoBank Online Banking In Ghana

If you are an existing Ecobank customer then this should be an easy process, but if you are a new customer kindly Open an account with EcoBank first. To register for Ecobank online banking you need to visit the online banking website of Ecobank here

  1. At the top, click on the drop-down and select Ghana as your country.
  2. Navigate and click on “Register For Ecobank Online“
  3. Select your “Current & Savings Account“.
  4. Enter your Ecobank Ghanian account number.
  5. next, you provide your valid email.
  6. Fill in all necessary information
  7. Click create an account.

How To Check Ecobank Account Number Ghana

If you recently opened your Ecobank Account simply check the email sent to you or your SMS you would find your account number there. Your account number can also be found on the profile page on your Ecobank Mobile App.

How To Register An Ecobank Ghana Account As A Non-Resident

As a non-resident of ghana you are eligible to open an Ecobank e-account provided you able to provide the documents that would be listed below:

  1. Completed account opening form.
  2. 1 mandate card [ PDF ]
  3. A valid proof of Identity of each signatory (current driver’s license/ International passport) – duly notarized.
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Country specific additional requirements

  • Proof of earnings (Senegal, Central African Rep.(CAR), Chad)
  • Tax Identification Certificate (The Gambia)
  • 2 References (Nigeria)
  • Alien ID in place of residence permit (Kenya)
  • 2 letters of introduction (Kenya)
  • PIN certificate (Kenya)
  • National Health Insurance Card as a form of ID (Ghana)
  • Student “Supplementary form” or “Admission form” as a form of identification for students individual account (Ghana)
  • The thumbprint of the authorized signatories of the accounts – Mandate Card (Tanzania)