How to message a business on WhatsApp from their Facebook Shop. Note: This feature may not be available to you yet.

When you are visiting a business’ Facebook Shop, you can use the Message button to start a conversation with the business about a product that you’re viewing.

Message a WhatsApp Business from their Facebook Shop

  • From the product page in the shop, tap Message. WhatsApp will then open and start a chat with the shop’s WhatsApp Business account.
  • To help you start the conversation, a message template will appear in the text field. This template can be edited to say whatever you’d like. A link to the product page you were viewing in the shop will also be attached to your message.
  • Tap or .
To view the product page or shop directly in WhatsApp, tap the link that was attached to the message you sent to the business. Learn how to share and view links to shop product pages in WhatsApp in this article.

Note: These steps only apply to Shops that have selected WhatsApp as their primary contact method.

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