The National Social Security Fund is a Kenyan government agency responsible for the collection, safekeeping, responsible investment and distribution of retirement funds of employees in both the formal and informal sectors of the Kenyan Economy. Participation for both employers and employees is compulsory. The fund is both a pension fund and provident fund. How To Check NSSF Balance On Phone

The National Social Security Fund was established in 1965 through the Act of Parliament Cap 258 of the Laws of Kenya. It initially operated as a Department of the Ministry of Labour until 1987 when the act was amended, transforming the fund into a state corporation under the management of a board of trustees. Under the National Social Security Act of 2013, both employed and the self-employed and their dependents qualify as contributing members. The act (law) on pension requires all Kenyans that are above 18 years of age to register to the program.


The board of trustees is composed of workers’ representatives through the Central Organization of Trade Unions, employers through the Federation of Kenya Employers and the Government of Kenya through the Ministries of Labour and Finance. This composition ensures that the board accommodates the views and aspirations of the three social partners in policy formulation and running of the organization.

How To Check NSSF Balance On Phone

How to check NSSF balance is one of the commonly asked questions. This information helps you make an informed decision on how much you should save to achieve your goals within a given number of years. The process involved is quite simple, just as when you want to check NSSF status. Below is a detailed outline of how to check the NSSF balance on the phone:

  • Use the number 6773 to send NSSF as a message. You will then follow the instruction provided.
  • Type NSSF< leave space> NSSF No < leave space> Date of Full Birth Names, and send it to 6773. This data will be used to validate your legitimacy.

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