A preacher from Zimbabwe claims he receives telephone calls from God. He made this statement in the middle of one of his sermons.

The preacher, Paul Sanyangore, said he has a “direct line with heaven,” from where he gets instructions on how to help his followers.

Sanyangore  aslo claimed he received one of these calls during his church service at Kingstones House, in the country’s capital. “I have his number and I can call Him when need rises,” the preacher insists. He was caught on video, while talking on his cellphone. At that moment, he was addressing the person on the other side as the “heaven” and “God”, while at the same time, giving one of his followers background information on her.

“God” in Sanyangore’s contacts!

To those who are skeptic, Sanyangore answered: “You are of little faith and people will always have doubts while others are being delivered.”

The preacher is on the process of opening a TV channel, and will launch a session called “Heaven Online.”

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