The Federal Ministry of Health has provided insurance cover for 48 tertiary health institutions towards protecting the facilities and diagnostic equipment for optimal health care delivery services.

This was disclosed during a sensitisation workshop on implementation of assets insurance of parastatals under the Federal Ministry of Health in Abuja on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

Speaking during the sensitisation workshop, Jonah Nedamanya, the Regional Head of Niger Insurance Plc said; “The Federal Government for the last 20 years has invested huge amounts in the procurement of buildings, diagnostic equipment, facilities, and vehicles in tertiary institution under the Federal Ministry of Health.

“To ensure these investments are protected against natural disasters and to avoid total loss, we have taken up a policy for the assets. So, there’s a new cover in place now. The premium has been paid by the government on behalf of these institutions.”

Basically, it’s not an issue of how much was paid. What we are talking about is the consideration that is in place. The government has taken it upon itself to provide that cover.

“I don’t have the figures here with me but there is a cover for insurable circumstances in these health institutions. The policy is effective till December, and covers buildings and other critical equipment from fire, flood and other natural disasters.”

He added, “There are 48 institutions under this cover. We have a list of 48 that has keyed into the scheme out of a total 74.

“It is so because at the beginning we asked them to supply necessary information. Only 48 have keyed in and they are on cover. But we are not saying the rest cannot join. We’ll slot their information in at the time we get it. They will be covered as well.”

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