South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has developed rules and regulations. With the help of these rules and regulations, the needed people of South Africa can easily apply for the R350 grant application. Applying for the R350 grant is not difficult, it is necessary to learn all the mandatory steps and follow all steps one-by-one in order to achieve the main aim. The main goal of the South African Social Security Agency is to help needed people in a difficult time and give them food, shelter and all basics of life in order to fulfill their desire. After every month, SASSA SRD R350 grant applications are open for all those individuals who wanted to apply. The following rules must be known before applying for the R350 grant. For online applications, a few steps must be kept in mind.

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How to Apply for R350 Grant Online

First of all, it is important for you to know the SASSA online website so that you can check and apply on this website.

Open the website srd.sassa.gov.za. This website helps you to learn all the steps in order to apply online so that you don’t need to go to the SASSA agency for the grant application.

After the opening of the website, scroll to this, ‘how do I apply for SRD grant’. This helps you to know about the basic rules to apply for the grant application.

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After learning the rules, you will see the yellow bar, click on this bar as this bar says, “click here to apply online”.

The requirement of a cell phone number must be fulfilled. Enter your accurate cell number so that you will get updated and all further notifications on your cell phone.

After doing so, you will see ‘’send SMS’’. Click on this bar!

SASSA will send one time pin on your cell phone number which you have provided. After checking the pin on your cell number, enter it on the required bar.

Never stop the process, continue the application process and fill out all the steps which are required by the South African Social Security Agency.

Those people who want to register on the website and find many troubles in registering, they can easily do it with the help of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp number remains active all the time and remembers to note this number 082-046-8553. It is necessary to keep in mind that those beneficiaries who have already applied on the website, no need to make more applications as this confuses other systems and prolonged the approval as well as verification phase. It is very important that all the applicants must be sure that they have entered all the correct personal details. Entering of false details won’t allow you to get benefits from SASSA so always put the correct details as well as your cell phone number. If the cell phone number is wrong, you won’t get the PIN for the verification on the website and this creates a problem for you in the future.

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How to Apply for R350 Grant on WhatsApp

Most people find it the easy way to apply on WhatsApp but it is necessary to know the correct SASSA WhatsApp number.

First of all, add the above-mentioned number on your WhatsApp as a contact on your cell phone.

After adding this number 082 046 8553, you need to go to WhatsApp and send a message of “Hi” to this added number of SASSA.

After saying “Hi”, you will definitely receive the reply to this message and then you should write or say “Help”.

Different options will appear on your cell phone screen. Choose among these options and reply with “4”.

By replying “4”, you will go to the SASSA platform message and then you need to reply “SRD”.

Your confirmation is needed; confirm whether it’s you who are applying or any other person. If this is you, apply for yourself and go to the next step.

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After doing all, the actual application begins and the requirement of submitting with your ID number, name, and surname must be filled in the message.

By stating the next step, you will receive the message on your WhatsApp number.

It is a fact that in order to have or to access the SRD R350 grant application, the applicant needs to grant consent for this SASSA for the verification of income, residency, social security benefits or his or her income.

It is necessary for all applicants to accept the consent as well as declaration. All applicants need to submit only one application, submission of more than one application will lead to trouble for him across different platforms. Confirmation of the R350 grant application will be received as early as the application has successfully been submitted. It is now up to SASSA to reject or approve the R350 grant application according to rules and regulations but you don’t need to worry about anything. You will get the approval or rejection of the application via SMS according to the eligibility criteria.

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