The Acting Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has blamed the rising wave of agitations on failure of the states to provide basic needs for the people, hence, their looking inwards for succor and solution.

Osinbajo further bemoaned the massive embezzlement of funds meant for the social welfare of Nigerians by politicians in the corridors of power.

Osinbajo made these statements yesterday during the 50th conference of the Nigerian Law Teachers Association in Awka, Anambra State, where he also decried the level of unemployment, which according to him, had forced youths in the country to become tools in the hands of politicians for societal ills as kidnapping, anti-social agitations, and the like.

“A lot of these agitations centered on the alleged failure of the states to create an inclusive society, a failure to guarantee the security of lives and property by the agencies charged with the responsibility, and to build trust around the rule of law and justice system of administration.

“Most of the security problems confronting the nation are self-inflicted by corrupt practices, injustices, among others. The Boko Haram in the North-East, militants in the Niger Delta and farmers/herdsmen clashes were as a result of poverty,” the Acting Vice President said.

Meanwhile, northern leaders and the Igbo yesterday converged at the Arewa House in Kaduna and agreed to work for the unity, peace and sovereignty of Nigeria. They also met with prominent Arewa elders to ensure that the unity of Nigeria does not come under threat as a result of the agitation for Biafra Republic and the quit notice handed down by the northern youths to the Igbo.

Speaking at the June 12, 1993 commemoration yesterday, Chief Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB said that all efforts should be put together to ensure that both the Igbo, northerners and other Nigerians live together in unity and peace, saying that self-determination by any group in any country could not be achieved by force.

“The responsible leadership of the Igbo and those of the North have decided to come together to talk sincerely and bluntly and look for solution to the on-going trend, which would be arrested and we would put a stop to it,” said former Security Chief to the late Gen. Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Mustapha, Al-Mustapha.

“Time has come when the youths of this country should wear their thinking cap, from the North and from the South.

“We the leaders from the North and East are seated today all through the initiatives of people committed to the well-being of Nigerians. We are here today to declare that the messages spread by Kanu are unacceptable. Our younger ones, who also reacted to Kanu, acted wrongly because in the North, we have a culture of law and communication to evaluate issues before you react. The North is home to all Igbo,” Al-Mustapha further said.

The former security chief also urged the government of Nigeria to withdraw arrest warrants against “our younger ones that are declared wanted; they should be set free and allow to operate, as the spirit of love and affection and commitment as youths fighting for their people was what prompted them to react to Kanu,” as he put it.

“If Kanu was wrong, they have reacted. If elders are wrong, then they are wrong. Today, they should be freed; this matter has come to an end God’s willing. People should understand that the unity of this country should not be compromised,” Al-Mustapha added.



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