Gibson Makanda became very popular in South Africa after an alleged conspiracy that he is the fake Nelson Mandela that replaced the real after his death of He (Nelson Mandela) during the protest on the Apartheid.

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There were a lot of theories, and we would be stating but a few kindly note that these were all theories and nothing was proven, some sain Nelson Mandela died in prison and was replaced by a clone.

Gibson Makanda Wiki & Profile

Gibson Makanda
South Africans believe that Gibson Makanda was the clone that replaced Nelson Mandela and the ‘Gibson Makanda‘ was the person who negotiated the new era of South Africa
Gibson Makanda Image
Background Information
Full Name: Makhanda Gibson Makanda
Gender Male
Born: 1900s (90 Years Old)
Place of Birth:  South Africa.
Ethnicity: Black
Nationality: South African
Parent N/A
Stage Name Gibson Makanda
Net Worth Unknown
Occupation: Military
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