This article will discuss review, how it works, and its legit status for investors interested in investing in the platform. is an investment platform where members earn rewards from daily tasks such as watching videos, sharing and downloading.

Gainvest.Ng Reviews; This is a screenshot gotten from their official site
Gainvest.Ng Official site frontpage screenshot


What is

Gainvest is an earning platform that accords users with the opportunity to earn from performing simple daily tasks on the platform. Users can make money from watching videos and posting on multiple social platforms.

How Does Gainvest Work?

Gainvest. ng does not demand any skill of any kind from anybody. A user must register on the platform with a monthly subscription fee of #700 and start earning the below activities.

• Watch Videos

A user could get paid for watching videos, sharing the videos, downloading, and uploading their testimony of benefits from using the on various social media platforms.

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• Social Media Viral Share

You could get paid by posting content on different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Posting on multiple social platforms also attracts rewards.

• Website Visit and Activities

You can expand your earnings by visiting the different websites and participating in reviews, downloads, and many other activities.

Gainvest Referral

Gainvest offers members a chance to earn by referring people to the platform. There’s an instant pay of #500 for bringing people to register and invest in the platform. So the more you refer more subscribers to Gainvest, the more you earn. Note that the referral is optional as it is not a criterion to perform activities before withdrawing your profits. Use your referral link to complete this.

Gainvest Withdrawal

You can easily get paid and withdraw your balance once it reaches #4,500. You can apply for a withdrawal straight to your bank account, and you will receive your payment within 5 minutes.

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Is Legit?

Gainvest is an investment platform that can enable its members to earn better returns from their investments. The platform does not have a fully recommended review as the platform is fairly new. This is not a piece of financial advice for one to fully trust the platform as they have been cases of similar platforms that fail to leave up to their promises. Ensure you perform your research and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is Gainvest a Scam?

Today, Gainvest hasn’t recorded any news relating to scams or hacks on the platform. Interested users should keep an eye on the platform, but for now, it is relatively safe. is a relatively new and growing investment platform to see investors earn better profits. The platform offers users the privilege of participating in simple online activities while earning little daily income. We hope this article will best explain the platform better for you. For all your questions and clarification, kindly drop us a message in our comment section.