A renowned academician and former vice-chancellor of the University Calabar, Professor Kelvin Etta says indiscipline among university lecturers and their desperation for money have led to the breeding of unproductive graduates and falling standards of education in the country.

Etta made this known during a programme organised by Leaders of Tomorrow in Cross River.

According to him, lecturers’ desperation for money is also responsible for the falling standard of education in Nigeria.

He said the desire to make more money among academic and non-academic staff in Nigerian universities has resulted in half-baked graduates produced by the nation’s ivory towers.

The vice-chancellor, therefore, called for a holistic reform of the Nigerian education sector.

Etta is also a pioneer Vice-chancellor of Cross-River University of Technology, CRUTECH.

During his tenure as the vice-chancellor, Etta is said to have brought reforms to both the University of Calabar and Cross River University of Technology.

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