After the firefighter successfully put out the fire that started in an 86 story residential building in Dubai early today, the police in Dubai have reopened the street.

The residents of the building vacated the building in the middle of the night.

According to Dubai’s Gulf News website, there was no report of major injuries, but some people are being treated for smoke inhalation.

The fire in the 86 story building started after 1am and such incident occurred two and a half years ago, other building residents stated.

The firefighter struggled with the fire for more than 2 hours which left 40 floors of the building on one side consumed by fire. At the sight of this, residents looking from below were in tears.

The firefighters were able to put the fire under control at 3:30am and the cooling operators were underway, the Dubai’s Civil Defense reported.

Few police cars were sighted by mid day today and the area of the incident have been cleared of the debris that fall on cars and on the streets as a result of the fire.

The residents are not allowed into the building, and some have been moved to a nearby residential building, while others stay with friends.

The 86 story building located in the popular waterfront Marina district has experience same fire incident in February 2015, where no loss was recorded and part of the building affected then was still undergoing some constructions when this recent fire broke out.

It appears that in both incident, building staff knocked on doors when the alarm fire alert them, and they ensure evacuation from the building.

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