Mark Pilgrim may be “man down” amid his stage four lung cancer battle, but he’s remaining positive. 

The radio veteran took to his social media to provide a devastating health update: his immune system had “crashed” following extensive chemotherapy treatment.

Earlier this year, Mark revealed his cancer diagnosis to the heartbreak of his fans and followers.


Just three months after he shared that his cancerous tumors were “shrinking”, Mark Pilgrim revealed that he was bed-bound following a setback.

Sharing a picture of him propped up against some pillows, the Hot 102.7 presenter revealed that he had to cancel a family holiday as his health had begun to deteriorate.

She shared: “The doctor called with bad news saying we shouldn’t go. Even though I’ve been man-down this week, I thought the fresh air would do me good. The girls [wife and daughter] were so excited to go on holiday.

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“Turns out though, after 9 rounds of chemo, my body has called for a time-out. My immune system has crashed”.

But despite the prognosis, Mark Pilgrim was on his positive energy high.

He continued: “Good news is my doctors have been amazing today. We avoided hospitalization, and my white blood count should increase in the coming week or so”.

He added: “Trying to keep it real in my posts. Not every day is a good day, but I continue to choose to see the sunshine every day”.


Mark Pilgrim’s family vacay comes days after he spent his birthday in bed this week.

He shared: “Last few days have been a little rougher than anticipated”.

In June, Mark was diagnosed with Covid-19 whilst battling stage four cancer. But whilst Covid-19 could have devastating effects on the lungs in the form of infections like pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and sepsis, Mark made a full recovery

Mark also shared that his heart was in perfect working condition – a medical miracle following his heart attack in 2008 which left him with “permanent damage”.

In 1988 at the age of 18 years old, Mark Pilgrim was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer – which he also overcame.


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