In a bid to prevent farmers-herders clashes across 16 local government areas of the state, the Ekiti state government has called on marshals to enforce the state’s Anti-Grazing Law 2016.

The state government made this call during the inauguration ceremony of officers on Monday, April 8, 2019.

Speaking during the event, the marshal Coordinator Sola Durodola urged the Marshals to perform their assignment with utmost sense of responsibility.

He also noted that the marshals are vested with the power to ensure herders comply with the law that regulates grazing within the hours allowed by the law and restriction of their movement.

He also added that the government would not allow destruction of farmlands and farm produce through unrestricted grazing and attacks on farmers and other law-abiding citizens.

He, however, urged them to monitor what he described as some nefarious activities of loggers in the forest.

Expressing disappointment over illegal felling of economic trees in the forest, Durodola warned the newly recruited marshals against involvement in shady deals and corrupt practices capable jeopardizing the mandate of the agency.

He also stressed that officers caught in sharp practices would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

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