Police is searching for one Alhaji Usman Adamu accused of the murder of a 200-level student of Cross River State University of Technology, Joy Adama.

The incident which occurred on December 20 2016 at the residence of Adamu in Karmo community of the FCT was being probed by the IG Intelligence Team.

Philomena, who is the mother of the deceased, alleged that Adamu carried out the dastardly act with the pretense that he was willing to fund her university education.

She also indicted the police of complicity in the case in a petition written to the IG of Police.

Joy reportedly went to Adamu’s Ibro Quarters in Old Karmo village in response to his request to render assistance to a sick maid. According to Philomena’s account, that was the last time the deceased was seen.

“On December 18, 2016, one Elizabeth from Ogoja LGA, Cross River State, who is my daughter’s friend visited us and told Joy to accompany her to see one Usman Adamu who she said was a philanthropist that gives scholarship to young students.

“Knowing Elizabeth as a long-time friend and without any suspicion, she innocently followed her to the said Alhaji’s house. On getting there, my daughter called me that the Alhaji wanted to see me, that the Alhaji wanted to help her with her education with other girls who lived in the neighbourhood who were there with their parents,” she said.

Philomena was reportedly worried after noticing her daughter was not responding to phone calls made to her few days following her return visit to Adamu.

Same experience was reported when the mother of the deceased called Adamu, who was not reachable on phone.

Philomena, however was shocked when Adamu claimed he neither knew her nor her daughter.

She was devastated however when she received the news of her daughter’s death from DPO of Karmo Police State, Nkem Raphael.

Philomena said: “On getting to the police station, the DPO informed us that all the girls that went to Alhaji’s house are all unconscious; that one is not responding to treatment while the others are responding. We requested to see Joy but we were turned down and asked to come back the next day.”

“The next day I went back to the police station with relatives and a lawyer who is a close family friend. To my utter shock, I was told that my daughter was dead and had been taken to the mortuary.

“We asked to know how, why and what led to Joy’s death and the DPO declined further comments. Our lawyer asked if the Alhaji had been arrested but he bluntly told us that as far he was concerned, Alhaji was not culpable, no crime had been committed, that my daughter died a natural death and he cannot arrest Adamu.

“He told the lawyer to take the matter to his superiors but that he had already informed them about the matter and as far as they were concerned, Alhaji could not be arrested.”

On the directive of the DPO, Philomena went to the Federal Medical Centre Abuja, where her daughter was kept.

The mother of the deceased was told by the hospital staff that her daughter’s remains was brought by Adamu, who said he was the father and that the DPO persuaded them to take her in.

Philomena said that the DPO “bluntly told us not to pursue this case further, that he would advise us to dialogue with Usman Adamu for our daughter’s burial. He said if we knew what was good for us, we should agree to whatever the Alhaji will offer us and desist from further pursuing this matter.”

She also said that Adamu intended paying a sum of N300,000, an amount she angrily declined and that informed of her decision to involve her lawyer.

“The lawyer insisted that further investigation be carried out. The DPO again called for a second meeting where we met with Umoru Shehu; an assistant inspector general of police in charge of intelligence at force headquarters.

“Shehu told us bluntly also that investigation in this matter had been closed and could not be reopened. He asked Adamu to add an additional N100,000 to his initial offer but Adamu told us harshly that that was the best he could do and that it was his final decision,” Philomena said.

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